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Welcome to the Cancer Prognostic Resources website, a catalog of interactive cancer prognostic tools.

This website was designed to help healthcare professionals choose among available interactive cancer prognostic tools. Interactive cancer prognostic tools use an algorithm to calculate likely cancer-related outcomes based on a patient's characteristics. The purpose of this project is to enhance the communication about cancer prognosis between cancer care providers and cancer patients by providing them with easily accessible compilation of information on existing web-based, interactive cancer prognostic tools. The development of this website was funded through the CRN Cancer Communication Research Center, one of five Centers by the National Cancer Institute.

The website features three ways to search for cancer prognostic tools.
You can View All Tools, Compare Tools by Cancer Site, and Search Tools using selected criteria.

The website also features many other options including

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Thank you for visiting the Cancer Prognostic Resources website! We hope you find our website useful in your practice and value your feedback. Please contact us with any questions or comments.